Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Ocean Themed Travellers Journal

Good morning friends

Today's share is a Travellers Journal (also called a Travellers Notebook) I made for my friend B. She loves the ocean and she loves to travel so it seemed like a perfect fit. I had been hoarding this lovely patterned paper in order to make something for her and since it was large enough to make a journal cover I went with that.

B is quite practical so I didn't want to add a bunch of dimensional elements to the front that would catch when the journal goes in and out of bags. There are tons of gorgeous journals online, made with this Journal Die by Eileen Hull - decorated to the hilt with lots of bling, sari silk ties, layers of 3-d flowers & leaves, metal bits and bobs etc etc. I love looking at them, but any of the journals I have made get USED. So I don't decorate them like crazy and especially when I'm gifting them as I want the recipient to be able to use it without worrying about flattening the decorations, fussing with long silk ties or things catching on the metal elements.

I added some copper foiled acetate bits to the front though, for some shimmer and shine. The journal is held closed with the same black elastic cord that holds the three insert/booklets inside. It's easy to slide off and back on yet stays attached at the spine, and is one of the features I really like about this style of journal.

Inside the front cover is another acetate decoration ...

... and a 3-d shaker sticker. I added it inside, as it is protected by the front cover!

Below you can see the journal open with the three inserts.

The patterned paper for this first insert has glossy embossed bits - it's so pretty.

While the cover and inserts were made by hand, I included a purchased vinyl pocket folder. One side has a pocket that goes the length of the cover and I included some tags that she can use in the journal or for something else.

The other side of the large pocket has three smaller pockets, and I added some decorated scraps to them as well.

Oh, these inserts. This was only the second Travellers Journal I had made and I was still learning. I had a rough time making these inserts. One was cut completely wrong, but I couldn't bring myself to toss it in recycling so I'm using it for rough note taking etc. Then I broke a cutting plate - first time ever! And one is cut uneven, with the top a little wider than the bottom. OMGoodness it was a struggle. But I persevered and I thought that maybe it added to the handmade charm of the gift. Grin. I found this sweet metal seashell charm, so added it to a label on the front of the second journal.

Practice helps and I'm happy to say I am much better at making inserts now. In fact, I really enjoy making them and have a couple done to replace full ones in my own personal journals.

The vinyl folder folds around an insert, and can be inserted in the same elastic as the insert/booklet. Below is the vinyl zipper pocket that is on the opposite side to the pockets. I thought she could tuck all kinds of things in that pocket, and I included a copper seahorse for her to use as well.

I wanted to try cutting down some Zentangle tile sized pocket page protectors to see if they would work as journal pockets and included a few more ocean themed embellishments for her to use.

Finally, I added a glittered sticker and die cut label to the third and final insert (booklet).

While I don't use my journals for travelling, if we ever get this RA under control and can travel again I will certainly make one for that. So many people use them for their trips, because if you are going on a day trip it's easy to slip out one of the insert/booklets and just take that one with you. People add sketches, tape or glue in ticket stubs, maps etc as well as notes on where they are and what they've seen that day. Some leave spaces for printed photos (2 x 3" size) to add when they return home, others bring a little instant printer with them and complete their journal while they are out and about. The inserts themselves easily fit in a purse or bag and when you get back they slip right under the elastic in the cover for safekeeping. Such a brilliant concept!

I have three Travellers Journals on the go now ... one is for paper crafting ideas, wish lists etc etc. One is a Gratitude Journal. When all three inserts are full, they will be easy to store and look back on in the years to come. And I can make new inserts to continue to write about my gratitude for this amazing life. The third one has meal plans, meal ideas and recipe successes with tips for the Pressure Cooker. All three of them get used daily!

I have decided not to keep track of supplies when I make these journals but the Sizzix BigZ XL die is by Eileen Hull and most of the patterned papers and embellishments are by K and Company from my stash.

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  1. Wow! I've been following and enjoying your blog for awhile now. This travel journal is fantastic! I love that you spent time and effort making it practical and useful, as well as beautifully decorated. I'd love to see more of your journals.

    1. Thanks so much Barbara! If you look to the right of my blog (you may have to scroll down) I try to tag my project to make it easy to find something specific. There is a label for Journals and one for Travellers Journal. If you click on either of those, I have posted 4 other ones you may not have seen. I have another one in the works that will be a Christmas gift for our Granddaughter's teacher, and will get that posted in November. October will be mostly Halloween now. :-) Thanks again.

  2. Wow! I've been following and enjoying your blog for awhile now. This travel journal is fantastic! I love that you spent time and effort making it practical and useful, as well as beautifully decorated. I'd love to see more of your journals.

  3. This is a gorgeous journal!! I love all the attention that you put into it. I think it will be perfect for a 2 week beach holiday. The extra vinyl pockets will come in very handy for storing 'treasures'.

  4. love this album!

  5. love love love this journal, I am sure your friend will too.


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