Monday, 20 February 2017

Graphic Leaf Hugs Card

Good morning friends

I have a graphic style card to share today. The patterned paper on the front is actually a patterned A2 card. I picked up a package for a screaming deal (60 foiled & patterned cards and envelopes for $6??? No way I was going to pass them up).

I've been making cards for a very long time. Back in the day, there just wasn't any patterned paper to use on our cards. Even coloured card stock was dear, and I sure didn't 'waste' it by making a folded coloured card. No way ... you made a folded white card and adhered the coloured panel to the front only. Then came some patterned paper but it was slow to trickle up to Canada and you didn't just use it all willy nilly. No sir, you used it sparingly - to the point that if you were going to cover any of it up (gasp) with another panel, you would cut away that area of the patterned paper that would be hidden by the panel and save it to use for another card.

Times have changed, but my need to hoard pretty patterned paper has not. This lovely gold foiled patterned card was patterned front and back. Old habits kicked in and I used a stitched rectangle die to cut panels from the front and back so I could actually get TWO cards from a single patterned card. Sheesh.

Elizabeth Craft Designs has a new designer and some wonderful new dies - I picked up these leaves and the hugs die. Because you can't have enough hug dies.

But look! I actually used that second panel inside the card, covered some of it with the matted white panel and the world didn't come to a screeching halt.  I was much happier with the card having used the patterned card on the outside and inside, than if I'd just added the dies to the front of the patterned card.

Into my stash with this one.

A2 printed card - DCWV
Black card stock
Leaf dies- Elizabeth Craft Designs
Stitched Rectangle dies - Elizabeth Craft Designs
Love Sentiment dies- Elizabeth Craft Designs
White card stock

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  1. Ha Ha yes, us oldies are paper misers. I still cut out the middle of something I'm layering (though mostly to reduce the bulk...and I can do it with a die). This is a great looking masculine card.

  2. I remember those days of no designer paper too :( ... mostly stamping on boring white card LOL. Glad you are enjoying your new dies, love your card

  3. this card is wonderful!



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